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What is it?


build your own question bank

schools and universities can create their own question bank for each subject and use it for Student Admission process to judge students on their skill set or assign the question paper to a class as a Quiz or even as a home work. 

There's infinite possibilities on how you use the platform and how you use it. 

Taslima also supports graphs, images, drawings as answer options so you can even create complex question set with answer options showing more detailed information.


assign to students

Done with creation of Question Bank?

Now assign to the students and look how they perform in these Online exams?

set total time. set number of breaks in the exam, set number of days for exam completion.


auto exam verification and score updates

done with exam allotment? 

teachers get 1-click service to get the  results displayed on the student's screen, show list of top candidates, low performers, question with right answer, detailed analysis if right answer, ratio of highest scored questions and more. 

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